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Your woman wants to feel special just like she tries to make you feel so. For this reason, there are phrases she wants to hear from you on a regular basis if not daily.

Here are 5 things you should tell your wife regularly;

1. “I love you”

Trust me, she will never get tired of hearing this phrase from you. These are words that would make her feel loved and cherished. Stop her from whatever she is doing, look her in the eye and say the words.

2. “You are beautiful”

She knows she is beautiful from looking herself in the mirror but you affirming it will make her believe it even more. Beauty means a lot to women and so recognizing her beauty can make her entire life happy.

3. “Thank You”

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It’s called appreciation. No one wouldn’t love to be appreciated. You can thank her for being part of you or for being of support to you. You should as well thank her for her efforts of running your home. It’s never easy you know.

4. “You complete me”

How would she know how important she is in your life if you don’t tell her these words. Completing you means she matches you in every bit of life and you feel contented having her by your side.

5. “I can’t stop thinking about you”

It puts a smile on your wife’s face to know you think about her. I mean, the world today is busy and no one would have time for thinking about other people. But when you tell her how much you think about her, she will definitely melt.


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