A deceased at the Afosu Mortuary scared a biker who went inside the mortuary with the attendant.

According to Mawuli who is the victim to the incident said, on the 22nd May 2019, Wednesday, a woman stopped him on his way to his Okada station. She asked him to take her to the Afosu mortuary and he told her it’s late except she pays him 50cedis and she accepted the offer.

They got to the place and she asked him to wait for her. He waited for an hour just to take his money from the lady but she was still not coming so he decided to go inside the mortuary to search for her around 11:00pm. As soon as he opened the gate, he saw the mortuary attendant and explained everything to him. He said.

The attendant told him nobody has entered the place so he should leave the place because it is late. The rider insisted to still wait for the woman but later the attendant asked him to follow him to where dead people are kept.

He said, as soon as they got there the attendant picked up a stick and said if you know you entered a motor bike and didn’t pay raise up your hand before I beat everyone here. As soon as the attendant ended his statement, a deceased stood up and threw 50cedis to me which made me collapse. He added.



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