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Ahafo regional secretary of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC)  Mr. Assanaba Imoro has condemned the Electoral Commission for breaching some electoral laws in the ongoing voter exhibition exercise.

Addressing the press at the party’s headquarters in the regional capital, Goaso, the Regional Secretary, Assanaba said the party’s observations indicate that the registers being exhibited at most of the centers are the final registers used for the 2016 elections, which, the party insists have already been exhibited.

The party cited the situation at the

 Pages 11 – 49 of the register did not appear.  The EC has to resort to the use of the supplementary register as stated earlier.  There is even instances where a Polling Station appeared twice on the list with only one register e.g. Obuoaky Electorate area at Kenyasi No. 1 (G041102) of the Asutifi North.

“Even with these lucky new registrants, you would find FO written against their names. We do not know whether FO means family or friends only”, Mr. Assanaba added

The party has called on the Electoral Commission to, as a matter of urgency, provide its leaders with a copy of the 2019 provisional voter roll, make available biometric verification devices to verify voters at the various exhibition centers and also exhibit the 2019 provisional voter register.

Story by Emmanuel koranteng.

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