(AUDAF) Donates to International Maritime Hospital

The African Union Diaspora Forum(AUDAF) Donates to International Maritime Hospital

The Diaspora African Forum donates the state-of-the-art high-flow oxygenator to International Maritime Hospital. The forum which was led by Ambassador Dr. Erieka Bennet donates the equipment to the hospital with the intention of helping Ghana to deal with covid-19 and other health issues.

Dr. Sylvester Yaw Oppong, the chief executive officer of the Hospital explained how quality and better the state-of-the-art oxygenator really mean to the hospital and so far the only hospital in the country which has such equipment.

The African Union Diaspora African Forum Mission is an African Union endorsed non-governmental organization which was established in 2007. The Mission was born as a result of the recommendations of the African Union ad hoc Ministerial Committee that the AU should “invite and encourage the full participation of African in the Diaspora in the building of the African Union in its capacity as an important part of the continent

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International Maritime Hospital
International Maritime Hospital


The AUDAF Mission is the first diplomatic Diaspora mission established on the continent of Africa, located at Kotoka International Airport Accra-Ghana at the historical W.E.B. Dubois Center. The mission seeks to create opportunities to bridge communication barriers of Africans throughout the Diaspora and create opportunities to have meaningful and fruitful exchanges amongst the group.

In an interview with the media, DR. Sylvester Yaw Oppong the chief executive office (C.E.O) of the international Maritime Hospital accepted the donation with his team of Doctors and also showed their appreciation to the African Union Diaspora African Forum by saying, We are very happy for the Simpkins family, remembering a position we treat a lot of people in this hospital. It’s not everybody who comes back in this manner, to give us something that will help the care.

We are also very happy for the equipment that has been donated to us today and it will be of high level of care to others who may need it, when they come to this hospital. This is international maritime Hospital, which has been in operation for about three years now. It is open to the public and not just staff of the court community or the Ghana ports and habours authority, it is open to everybody and we invite all of you who may need assistance here.

International Maritime Hospital


We are ready; others are hoping to offer a high level of care with the International Maritime hospital, not just for the sake of the name or words, but for the service that we intend to deliver. We intend to deliver the best level of health care, that is obtainable anywhere in this world, and we are happy that we’ve been able to contribute our quota to helping some people who were in dire need of care during the COVID time.

We are not part of the Ghana Health Service in this countries, but we are more or less forced into treating COVID because the patients kept coming here, and we have no choice but to open our doors, and we opened our doors rapidly became one of the best facilities as attested to, by our clients, they come in here, and we offer them the best level of pay with very good customer service, and we are going to continue offering this level of care, not just about COVID, but we treat all kinds of diseases and ailments, with the best best expertise.

International Maritime Hospital
International Maritime Hospital

International Maritime Hospital
Donates to International Maritime Hospital

We have a very good diagnostic center, our MRI is the best in the country, even in West Africa, we offer this kind of facilities to improve health care to the people of Ghana, and then also in the diaspora. We hope that this equipment has been donated to us today from the way I did the description and is probably the best defense in the country, and we will give very good feedback as to how we are using this equipment, and make sure that it’s going to save the lives of many more to come. So we thank you to the diaspora African foundation to the Simpkins family. We are ready; we are open to offering the best level of health care to the needs to complement the efforts of the Ghana Health Service together.

Ambassador Dr. Erieka Bennett, who is the leader of the The African Union Diaspora African Forum also express her gratitude to the media, saying we really thank you for coming today and we really hope that you’re going to tell this good news story. In the name of Linda Simpkins in whom we see the Simpkins family who stepped to the plate and they are diverse boards, who really want to contribute to the development of Ghana. We are citizens of Ghana, and we’re very proud to be citizens of Ghana and we see this as our duty to do what we can, when we can, and how we can.

REPORT BY: Michael Agyenim Boateng || Shop @ Torsaa


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