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Benefits of Prekese

Benefits of Prekese

Aidan fruit localy known as prekese is highly nutritious as it is packed with essential phytochemicals and nutrients that are essential for our body. It is also rich in iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, Flavonoids, tannins, steroids, and phenolic compounds. Prekese or tetrapleura tetraplera is a species of the pea family and is native to West Tropical Africa and a fruits of the plant with a strong aromatic smell with insect repellant properties.

A few diseases can be treated with the use of prekese, as listed below


  1. Supports Immune System
    The plant helps in strengthening the immune system as it is a rich source of vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. The presence of potassium and calcium helps in managing, preventing, and controlling muscle disorders and bone strengthening. Also, iron in the plant help in regenerate lost blood, while, zinc provides protections against virus that leads to respiratory tract infections.
  1. Diabetes
    The fruit is known to have the ability to control the levels of glucose in diabetic patients. The fruit has a more powerful impact on type 2 diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus. People suffering from diabetes can take the prekese drink regularly by slowing down glucose level.
  2. Fever
    Prekese is a great medicine when one is suffering from cold. This is said to greatly help fever and body temperature. The best way to use the plant is to soak it in warm water. Rinse using the infused water. You can also try this remedy when suffering from enema, constipation, and emetic.
  3. Wound Healing Properties

According to a study, the low concentration (200 mg /ml) is more effective than the higher concentration (200 mg/ml). The wet extract of the plant has wound healing agents. So it is recommendable to use the lower concentration of the plant to heal wounds.

  1. Has Antibacterial Properties
    The plant contains antibacterial and microbial agents. Due to this ability, the plant extract is used to make soap which is used for skin inflammation and bacterial infection on the skin. The soap can used to heal skin diseases, inflammation and bacterial infection. Apart from its medicinal benefits, prekese also helps in foaming and soap hardening as well as adding flavor to the soap.

Would you mind adding it to your diet? Or is it part of your daily diet? At this moment that we’ve covered about prekese health benefits and discussed how great this super food can be for everyone. We’d love to know your opinion Or you can share this article to your loved ones to also let them know the incredible wonders of prekese.

Story by :Mavis Davor || DFM ||

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