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China Criticises US over withdrawal From Afghanistan

China has criticised the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, accusing Washington of having “selfish” foreign policy priorities.

It said the US had used the rhetoric of a rules-based global order to defend its own “bullying, hegemonic behaviour”.

“The US can wantonly conduct military intervention in a sovereign country and does not need to be responsible for the suffering of the people in that country,” foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told a press briefing.
“The US can arbitrarily smear, suppress, coerce and bully other countries without paying any price,” he added.

The Afghanistan exit has been a golden opportunity for China to convince the Asian public that the US cannot be trusted, experts say.

Meanwhile, China has called at that meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva for the US, UK, and other countries to “be held accountable for the violation of human rights committed by their military in Afghanistan”.

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