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Dr. Louisa discusses the “green flags” that helped her make the decision to tie the knot with Stonebwoy.

Dr. Louisa Ansong, the spouse of well-known Ghanaian dancehall performer Stonebwoy, has discussed the “green flags” that were important in her decision to wed the performer.

She discussed the considerations that affected her decision and emphasized the characteristics she discovered in Stonebwoy in an interview with Berla Mundi on TV3’s ‘The Day Show’.

Louisa claimed that she understood Stonebwoy’s ambition and goal-oriented temperament because they were similar to her own.

Dr. Louisa noted that one of the factors that stuck out to her was Stonebwoy’s commitment to and support of her academic endeavors.

She remembered times when Stonebwoy, who frequently worked late hours in the studio, would stay up with her to study for exams.

Louisa replied, “You know he works a lot at night – he’s always in the studio. Even when I was in school and I was studying for exams and stuff like that. He also stays up with me when he knows I’m staying up to study.

He keeps calling and asking if I’m still up or studying, she continued.

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He’ll even test you on what you’ve learned to make sure you weren’t dozing off. These tiny details were all that was necessary. Even though he didn’t comprehend what he was reading, he will say, “Send me the slides you were using,” look through them, and ask you questions.

He was simultaneously making me nervous since I knew he would test me on everything I had learned. All of those minor details served as “green flags” that aided in the decision-making process, she continued.

Dr. Louisa is of the opinion that life does not always proceed in a straight line where one must succeed completely in one area before advancing to the next.

Instead, she contends that action should be taken if it feels right.

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