It is said that education is the foundational stone that societies must offer its citizens if progress and development are to be achieved. In order to ensure that people receive education, it cannot be achieved without the provision of the requisite learning and teaching materials; as this serves as the enablers within the educational ecosystem.

It is in this regard that I donated some teaching and learning materials to both the Takoradi Senior High School and Takoradi Technical Institute to help cushion the efforts of the schools’ authorities in the provision of good quality education.

I also took the opportunity to advise the students present; where I admonished them to remain disciplined and to take their studies seriously. As it has always been said that education holds the keys to the future and, those who have the keys control it. In addition, I entreated the staff and students to put to good use those teaching and learning materials and, let their performances be the best judge of how well they utilized those materials.

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