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Embattled Dorfor Chief Hot: ..As Togbe Saho Could not Provide his Gazetted Documents

By Nana Yaw Cobina

A self- acclaimed Chief of the Dorfor Akata Clan within the North Tongu District of the Volta Region, Togbe Saho is currently hot over his legitimacy as chief of the area.

Even though Togbe Saho claimed to be a gazetted Traditional Leader of the area, he could not mention names of persons who signed his CD forms to support his legitimacy when visited by a team of journalists to testify to his legitimacy. When visited in his residence by the journalists, Torgbe Saho claimed to have documents qualifying him to rule but was unable to prove his knowledge about the Stool.

He could not even provide accurate information about his supposed immediate predecessor and certain documents he ( the Predecessor ) had generated about lines of succession for the Saho Stool and its Kingmakers.

Speaking at a recent press conference to challenge the legitimacy of Togbe Saho at Dorfor, the Stool Father of the Dorfor Akata Clan, Zikpuitor Norvinye Kpornorglo alleged that he did not enstool the supposed Togbe Saho and that he is not a legitimate chief of the area. His claim of being a chief should therefore be disregarded by the general public.

He called on the general public to stop according him with the Togbe Saho name but rather address him by the name Mr. William Kwame Doko. He further stated that Mr. Doko, though a member of the Clan, hails from a family that has been designated the role of Linguists and has only illegally arrogated himself the tittle of Torgbe Saho VI. He said that there is a document which clearly identifies which role he should associate himself with as someone who comes from the Doko/Kufa Family.

“The truth of the matter is Doko’s claim that he has been gazetted is false”, he asserted. He said a search at the Volta Regional House of Chiefs revealed that he has not been gazetted but has illegally started the process of registration . “His claim of being a Chief was challenged at the Volta Regional House of Chief and a ruling was given in 2019 (Suit No. VRP 1/2017) directing both parties, one of whom was William Kwame Doko, to have the matter adjudicated at a nearest properly constituted Traditional Council”, he added. Zikpuitor Norvinye Kpornorglo said Without taken any steps to approach a nearby Traditional Council to have the matter resolved, Mr. Doko clandestinely went behind the other party and the Judicial Committee of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs to start the registration process to have himself registered as a chief in 2020.

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