FixtheCountry does not want NPP or NDC in power

FixtheCountry does not want NPP or NDC in power; it wants a government that works to get Ghana fixed. It wants a government that greatly amends or changes the constitution.

If the NPP can do it, great. If the NDC can do it, great. If we need to bring in another group of politicians to do it, great. I personally think neither of them can do it. They’ve had almost 30 years to do it and couldn’t. t’s time for change now.

We need a third force more than ever. We need the Third Force. We need an alliance. We need an independence coalition. We need all parties that are not appendages of the NPP-NDC duopoly, and influencers and individuals with huge followings, groups and movements coming together to wrestle power from the NDC-NPP axis in 2024.

It is possible.

A few days after sending that petition to the Police, FixtheCountry activists were tricked into a meeting with National Security and a couple of ministers partaking instead of meeting the IGP as was communicated. It was during this meeting that the Government using the Police worked to secure an injunction against the intended demonstration and readied itself to use the courts and intimidation to stop any protests seen as making the government unpopular.

fix. the country
fix. the countryfix. the country

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FixtheCountry activists have been in and out of court and now have the go ahead to protest, after the government has itself attended super spreader events (Covid was being used as the reason to stop fixthecountry protests) and allowed the very gullible NDC to demonstrate.

I was interviewed by Asaase Radio few days after the Police secured an injunction against the intended demonstration, and it appeared as if the interviewer wanted me to say that we were going to disregard the law and demonstrate anyway.

I didn’t. I only answered that there were many ways to demonstrate and hitting the street wasn’t the only option. We went ahead and demonstrated online on May 9th, 2021.

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By Stan Dugah
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