Sunday , September 20 2020

Ghana needs a Yaa Asantewaa

Nana Asamoah writes…..

Women, since the period of recorded history have played significant roles in human development across the globe as individuals, members of families, and communities. Examples of women performing in leadership positions with distinction abound and are ready to be cited in subsequent publications.

These include roles in governance traditionally referred as chieftaincy in Africa. If chieftaincy has succeeded in building peaceful and prosperous nations in Africa, the credit must be largely due to contributions made by Queen mothers.

The Queen mother wisely employs her power, a veto power as it were, vested in her as the head of a matrilineal clan to approve or disapprove a candidate as the new king. This is when the council of kingmakers have nominated and presented a choice candidate.

History mentions powerful and successful female leaders such as Aminatu, the warrior Queen of Zaira in Nigeria who ruled for 34 years in the 15th century. It was under her leadership that, the great Hausa trade routes in West Africa were created.

Ethiopia enjoyed and benefited from the able leadership of Makeda, the Queen of Sheba so much that, Ethiopia was second to Egypt as far as economic importance and political power was concern in that era.

Egypt itself enjoyed good fame and prosperity under Cleopatra and Nerfetiti, the queen of Kemet. She was responsible for uniting lower kemet and upper kemet to form a united Egypt that we have today .

I cannot finish this piece without the mention of the Ashanti kingdom in present day Ghana. When the British boasted and intimidated the men, and audaciously demanded the golden stool, it took the brave heart of a woman, Yaa Asantewaa to lead the army as the commander- in -chief against the British army.

Yaa Asantewaa brought hope, inspiration, motivation and courage to a nation under the siege of foreign occupier. I believe the present day Ghana needs a female leader to bring back the lost hope , the lost glory, the lost morale to fix a broken economy, and inspire patriotism.

The men have disappointed our nation. They have failed us.
President Akuffo Addo said and I quote “We have the MEN” I wish he had said we have the women, we wouldn’t be seeing a replication of President Mahama’s non-performing government. The men have failed!!

Ghana needs a female warrior to fight corruption, a female commander in chief to stabilize our currency and lead the economic army to victory.

Ghana needs a Yaa Asantewaa for 2020. Now !!!.

By: Nana Asamoah| |DFM

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