Tuesday , April 13 2021

Government Should Consider Changing Single Sex Schools Into Both Sex Schools To Curbing LGBTQ Fast Rising Menace

Government Should Consider Changing Single Sex Schools Into Both Sex Schools To Curbing LGBTQ Fast Rising Menace

Open Letter To Education Minister And Director of GES.

As we still deliberating on how best to reducing and orienting LGBTQ victims in our sociocultural settings, I consider the followings :

° That our single Sex Schools be gradually changed into mix schools ; that will help in full orientation of the young ones as they grow into late adolescent and adulthood.

° Psychological Counseling In All Schools ; this will encourage those with issues to that effect to seek redress taking into consideration their confidentiality won’t be broken.

° Empower Mental Health Authority to periodically give intensive Mental Health education in all the schools; this will give insight to the students to appreciating the problems and seeking for solution.

Information available suggested that the induction of LGBTQ victims has their basis from the single Sex Schools. When you take ten 10 victims, probability of eight 8 being introduced to this abominable act started from school or better still, the one who championing this evil course have their second cycle schools in single Sex Schools.

The affinity /attraction starts when same sex students jokingly plays with each others sexual parts and then move into actions. Those who boldly confirmed the disorder testified to that.

I therefore call on all the stakeholders from parliament, ministry of education, GES, PTA , government and like-minded NGOs to get involved in reducing this rising social disorder among our future leaders.

Our religions are against it, social and moral values against it too. It is time we go into action without fear or favor.

Bismark Kwabla Kpobi.
0209001524 WhatsApp
0540824809 calls.
Mental Health Nurse (SSN)


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