A social commentator, Mr. Stephen Amankwah who is popularly known as Abiola has called on the Ministry of Local government and Rural Development and the President to privatize our Municipal and the District Assemblies to ensure proper accountability and fast track developmental projects in our localities.

Mr. Stephen Amankwah speaking on Time FM Morning Show on Friday  4th October 2019 said, most of our rural areas and the cities are witnessing a Snail pace developments due to the bad and inactive attitudes by the technocrats at the municipal and the district levels.

Mr. Stephen reveals that the state resources are oozing at the assemblies because they have failed to monitor the financial and projects initiated by the assemblies.

Emphasizing on his call for the municipal and the district Assembly privatization, Mr. Abiola said the move will help ensure vivid accountability and fair drive of the assembly in our localities.

He narrated that, private entities would be the best to provide and manage the affairs of the assembly due to the effective supervision on their part thus, calling for private privatization.

Story by Emmanuel koranteng.

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