Girls are kind of emotional, in the sense that when you are with them, never hurt their feelings. now the following tips below are means of letting out girls to come to you…and note this are means of telling yourself that you are a man.

  1. Take her to watch movies: you might invite her to come to watch a movie with you at the cinema so doing she would get to know you through lifestyle

2.ask her about her current relationship: ask the girl how she is flirting with her boyfriend if there are areas she don’t like with her boyfriend and you will correct them for her…by so doing will make her like you

3.take her to bar beach on weekends: as a boy interested in her…take her to a beach were you can party together, share thoughts..etc

4.ask her out for a party: invite her on numerous party to have her with you…

Story by Mavis Davor ||DFM|| DIKODER.COM|

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