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Joe Mettle reveals how he reacts when someone says: “There is no God”

Ghanaian gospel crooner Joseph Oscar Mettle aka Joe Mettle has revealed how he reacts to people who say God does not exist or people who doubt the existence of God.

In a tweet, Joe Mettle revealed a facial expression he puts on in response to such utterances from people.

The emoji-like face suggests that Joe Mettle treat such ideas with disdain and does not even look in the direction of the speaker or better still turn a death ear to it.

Joe Mettle who got married has Selasie Dzisah on 15 August, 2020 every cause to believe that God exists and is at work in his life especially when there were a lot of naysayers who never saw him settling down anytime soon.

Joe Mettle’s rise to prominence has been a very steady one and his consistency in the gospel ministry across Ghana and the continent is admirable.

He usually credits his rise to the providence and grace of God.

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