Friday , July 3 2020

Man Heavily Pregnant In 2 Days After Sleeping With Someone’s Wife

Getting pregnant is not a problem at all, the problem is when a man gets pregnant. After having several rounds of sex with another man’s wife behind closed doors, Lekena Inamba from Zambia has mysteriously gotten pregnant.

Shockingly, the size of the man’s belly in just 2 days after his ungodly act is equivalent to that of a woman who has few days to deliver.

In a report sighted by on Zambianobserver, family members of Mr. Inambao revealed he was warned over the affair he had with a married woman but failed to heed to the warnings

It is not clear if Mr. Inambao will give birth or need spiritual attention.
And Mr. Inambao says he can not eat because he has difficulties.

He says he has pains when he tries to eat or drink something.
Mr. Inambao says he is appealing to traditional healers to help him.

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