Friday , September 18 2020

Meet 27-Year-Old Man who Has 24 Children

While other youths are making history by getting the highest marks in universities, this young Zambian man is making history in the other angles.

Royd Mwale Zaninge has made history by being the youngest father of many in Zambia, according to ZambianObserver.
At 27, he has 24 children from 21 different women.

He is not married yet, he intends to do so when he reaches 30.

According to him together with his friends and relatives, he could have 32 children by now but some women aborted when he refused to marry them while two children died.

” I have slept with more than 70 women and impregnated half of them since I was 17. I am happy that I am able to support all my children and their mothers and happy about it”, he told ZambianObserver.

“I will marry when I will be 30…I don’t want to marry anyone of those with my children, I want to marry a woman with no children so that I can start a family with her”, said Royd Mwale Zaninge a young successful Ndola Businessman.

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