Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) is an umbrella group that unites all musicians in Ghana irrespective of the music genre.

MUSIGA ( Musicians Union of Ghana ) has today organized a workshop and Masterclass for its members and it actually took place at MUSIGA hall Accra near Black star square.

Prominent personalities present were Acting president for MUSIGA, Bessa Simon, Reverend Dr. Thompson   Yawson and managing director for Back 2DA FUTURE Music, a  publishing and neighboring right company that has over 200 clients and represent  40, 000 copyright, Mr. Kennedy Mensah is popularly known as Mr. Prezedent, was also the main spokesperson for the workshop & master class and other MUSIGA Executives were also present.

To set the ball rolling, Mr Kennedy spoke about his journey through the music industry and then tackled the topics for the master class which was history of publishing, becoming a team and lastly creation of an Ep.

He lamented on all the three divisions and finally created a medium where there was questioning and answering section and also one on one chat clinical with some of the members. In an interview with the Acting president for MUSIGA, Bessa Simon was very amazed by how the workshop turned out to be a successful one.

Mr. Bessa Simon

Reverend Dr. Thompson Yawson also advised members of the union to know the type of people to work with.

Finally, some members of the musicians union of Ghana pleaded to the Acting President and Mr. Kennedy Mensah to help speak with GHAMBRO concerning their royalties.


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