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Newly born Babies Will Receive ¢200 each and I will Make universities free for all- Kofi Akpaloo

Flag bearer of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Kofi Akpaloo has disclosed that he will give newly born babies ¢200 each and also make universities free for all.

In an exclusive interview monitored by browngh, Akpaloo said that should Ghanaians vote him to power as the president, he will implement a policy which will benefit children below 18 years.

“We[LPG] are going to do things differently from the way NPP and NDC has been handling this economy.

One major thing we’re going to introduce is the child benefit; every child below 18 years will receive a monthly allowance of Ghc200, and if you’re lucky to have twins then they will receive GHc300 each ” Mr Kofi said.

He furthered that, the initiative he will implement will go a long way to help to stimulate the economy to generate demand activities so that whenever there is a production of goods people will have the funds to purchase.

Mr Kofi Akpaloo was of the view that his ‘soon to be put into operation’ policy will eventually serve as a job creation opportunity for all to also enjoy life.

Asked what he will do differently from other political parties that will inform the decision of the electorates to give him their vote, Kofi Akpaloo again stated that his party aside from the Child benefits which focuses on children below 18 will also not leave the adults behind.

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According to him, the LPG is going to give unemployment benefits to persons above the ages of 18. He said this package comes with a monthly allowance of Gh400.

He was quick to add that though Gh400 is not any money it’s better to survive on that than to have nothing and worst of it all be dependant on others.

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