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Notice: The New Code for NHIS Is In

Ever since that introduction of the national health insurance scheme in Ghana, many Ghanaians and even non Ghanaian attend hospitals for free.

The national have insurance cards are designed to be renewed monthly when it was introduced some few years ago. The good news about this card was that you can go to any hospital you want in Ghana to receive treatment for free. That is the easy part, the heart part is renewing the card when it expires This is where the problem lies.

To a new this card, you have to go to there national health insurance scheme office in your district to renew the it.

There, You would have to join long queue and great in the queue for hours to renew your card. And if you are not able to renew the card that day it means you have to come back the next day to join the queue again and when you are lucky you can renew the card.

For this reason the authority of the national health insurance scheme have introduced a short code to renew every national health insurance card on any mobile phone for approximately the same price you would renew it in their office. You just have to the *929# on any telecommunication network and have access to their system to renew your card.

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