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(Opinion) How to Lighten Your Skin Naturally at Home.

Skin lightening has been a trend for some time now and artificial lightening always brings some nasty side effects but did you know you can lighten your skin naturally by doing the following.

Skin lightening is a cosmetic technique used to obtain even skin tone. Lemon helps in providing you with vitamin C which is needed by our skin to treat acne, dark spot, and hyperpigmentation.

Massage lemon juice on your skin every day as a cleanser and rinse off and apply a moisturizer. Repeat this every day for great results. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Coconut oil also helps to lighten your skin naturally,. Rub coconut oil o your face and neck and massage slowly and rinse off after a few minutes. Avoid using liquid coconut oil it might harm your skin.

You can also use milk because the lactic acid in milk reduces skin pigmentation. Wash your face and put warm milk in a bowl and massage with cotton wool on the place you want to lighten. Milk also helps in moisturizing your skin. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Apply aloe vera on your face with cotton wool and wash it off after 30 minutes, Aloe Vera help fade the acne scars on your face and make them less noticeable. You can also combine cucumber and aloe vera by making a paste then applying the paste on your face and leave it for 20 minutes and wash off with plain water.

Turmeric also plays a huge role in lightening skin because it also prevents blemishes and spots. Use turmeric and honey and yogurt mix to make a mask, leave it for a few minutes and wash off with plain water. You can also repeat his once a week or twice. Always remember to use sunscreen every day to avoid sunburns which will darken your skin.

You can also use potato juice mixed with lemon juice, it also helps in promoting clear skin and even skin tone.

The above will not leave you with serious side effects like other skin lightening creams.

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