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Photos Revealing the Humble Beginning of Tracey Boakye

Photos revealing the humble beginning of Tracey Boakye when she was leaving in a ‘single room’ in Kumasi.
The humble beginnings of actress turned social media vixen Tracey Boakye has popped up revealing how she used to live in a single room at Atonsu in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

Tracey Boakye has become very loud in recent times and her social media outbursts kind of paint a rather perfect picture of who she was and how far she has come.

She usually brags about her singular and unaided effort at purchasing her $1M house at the plush East Legon area here in Accra.
Well, she may have acquired some wealth now which has in some way given her the boldness to talk and reply anything and anyone who offends her in one way or the other.

But, what you see of Tracey Boakye now is not really how it started. She may look lavish, exquisite and eye-catching now but she does come from a very humble background.

Photos coming out reveal how she used to stay in a single room in Kumasi and the kind of life she used to live which actually reflected in the way she posed for her photos and the attire she wore.

Everybody started from somewhere but the reason why Tracey Boakye’s own has garnered attention is the way she carries herself about as though she comes from a wealthy home.

That should humble her. Perhaps, Ghanaians still do not understand her.

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