Qualities Men look out for in women

Qualities Men look out for in women

Men who are matured see beyond the physical
features. They focus more on the inner beauty, depth and richness of her personality that makes her who she really is. A mature man looks out for qualities that makes a woman a better partner.

  1. Humble And Submissive

Even though men like women who are ambitious, hardworking and smart, mature men will not go in for a career woman who waste their time chasing after wealth and status. A woman who is humble, down to the ground and very submissive is who every man wants to settle down with.

 2. Decency

Men enjoy watching women who are dressed half-neked but the do not like the idea of other men watching their own partners dressed half-neked, it makes them feel insecure and jealous. Every mature man wants to have a partner who has a great sense of humor when it comes to how to present themselves.

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3.Always happy

Men are aware of the fact that women are emotional by nature but they do not get attracted to women who are overly emotional, women who cry often, always in a bad mood, etc. Every man wants to be with a woman who laughs often, who radiates joy and gladness, who always brightens their day and makes them smile whenever they see them or think about them.


Men get very attracted to women who have confidence in themselves. Such women do not give up on themselves, neither do the criticize or underrate themselves. They encourage themselves and do not give up even when the going gets tough.

story by : Mavis Davor || DFM|| Torsaa


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