Eating salad is one of the best health habits you should always schedule in your daily routine. 

The benefits associated with eating salads are numerous and serves to keep your body fit and healthy.

Salads are easy to make and can be made from not only fruits but also vegetables which contain vitamins, minerals, fiber among many others crucial for your body health.

Here’s why you should consider eating a salad every day;

1. Improves skin tone

Most fruits and vegetables used to make salads are high in water content hence improving the body’s hydration and this, in turn, results in a more youthful skin appearance.

2. Salads cut down the calories in one’s diet

Salads contain a high amount of fiber which will keep you fuller hence reducing the amount of calorie intake. In addition, taking a salad with more green vegetables allows you to reduce body weight due to reduced calories consumed.

The dietary fiber also helps to control blood sugar and also ease bowel movement and fight off constipation.

3. Improves immune system, heart health, and overall body health

Salads made from chilies, pepper, tomatoes, beets, and spinach among other fruits and vegetables serve the body with vitamin A, C, carotenoids, and manganese which have anti-inflammatory benefits to the body as well as improving heart health.

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