So is it with the Big Six

So is it with the Big Six

This pernicious and persistent effort by some vindictive and self-ego-massaging politicians to downplay Nkrumah’s legacy and role in the struggle for independence is not only short-sighted but suicidal long-term. If Nkrumah wasn’t that special or the standout performer among the Big Sixers, then the Big Six itself is nothing special among the many men and women who fought for Ghanaian Independence.

I can choose to perceive the Big Six as a political contrivance that sidelines the many men and women, unsung heroes, who played not insignificant roles in the fight for freedom.


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Changing Founder’s day to Founders’ Day is good, but history revisionism for political capital is a race after the wind. Writing Nkrumah out of the history books and sneaking in your favourite Big Sixer makes your intention obvious.

Majority of Ghanaians will never revere the man who wrote letters to the Queen pleading with her to not grant us independence the same way they revere Nkrumah.


Nkrumah was the standout performer, and no amount of history revisionism will change that.

Neymer didn’t need Messi performing less to shine, and an in-form Christiano Ronaldo took nothing away from Gareth Bale.

Fix the country instead of attempting to re-fix history to favour your political tradition.

Happy Founders’ Day.

By Stan Dugah / StantheStoryTeller // Shop@torsaa


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