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SONA21: Ghana to host AFCON 2023

The president is reading the of the nation address in parliament today, this is to give a summary of what he and his government would be doing for the nation in his term of presidency. The 1992 constitution Article 67 states clearly that, every president who is starting a new term should share his plans as president to the country by reading it at the parliament.

Many sectors was tackled of which include Farming, energy resources, education, businesses, banking, transportation, sports and many more. Speaking on issues in the sports industry, Nana Addo promised that he and his government will make sure the Ghana will host the 2023 African cup of nations (AFCON).

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-addo has stated clearly in the state of the nation address that, his government is working very hard to host the 2023 African cup of nations (AFCON), all preparation will be made to make sure Ghana host that tournament.

Is it possible to host the 2023AFCON here in our country? Can our Stadium host this Football?

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