Sugar is sweet. In fact, it is very delicious and no one can deny this. But despite its sweetness, too much consumption of it comes with loads of health dangers.

Once you learn all the dangers sugar brings to your body, you may not want to use it again. 

With these said, how do you know you are consuming to much sugar? Read on;

1. You’ve started gaining some weight

Sugar has no important nutrient if not its excess calories. When you consume a lot of sugar, it triggers your body to release insulin hormone. 

2. You start having teeth cavities

Sugar is the main cause of cavities on teeth especially the molars. When you consume too sugary foods, the bacteria in between your teeth work on it producing acids with cause tooth decay and cavities. 

3. Your skin has become prematurely wrinkled

Too much sugar could cause your skin to form wrinkles prematurely. This is because sugar reacts with proteins in your bloodstream forming advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs) which damage the structure of the skin.

4. You have pain in the joints

Pain in the joints or rather arthritis has been linked to too much sugar. People who have five or more sweetened drinks a day could suffer this problem. This, however, does not necessarily mean sugar causes arthritis but it could be the reason behind your pains. 

When you eat sugar, you will be high in energy and then the energy levels will fall after a short while. This makes you feel moody and tired until you have your sugar again. Sugar is found in foods like soft drinks, cakes, cookies, ice cream and sugar itself.

Story by Mavis Davor |DFM |DIKODER.COM

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