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Th Despair State of NABCO Trainees Over Their Unpaid Allowances Is having Adverse Mental Health On Them: Government Must Pay Them Now

Open Letter To:The Chief Of Staff.Labour And Employment Minister.

MENTAL HEALTH Authority CEO.The Security Agencies.

The scripture says “a hand that does not work should not eat” also, “a lazy hand brings poverty”, reasons despite the economic state of the country, everyone is trying hard to find something doing in order to survive and live.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of NABCO TRAINEES since their last stipend was paid somewhere in August,2021.It is almost five 5 solid months now that NABCO TRAINEES received anything allowance, and when you happen to know and meet any of them, you will understand their state of DESPAIR and HOPELESSNESS.

All NABCO TRAINEES went into and passed through the festive seasons without even coins in their pockets, most institutions too don’t regard them hence little annual food stuffs and coins they give to their staff, they were exempted, example is Cocobod , and others .

Relationships have ended because young men have nothing to offer financially to their potential wives, many are not willing to lend them monies again since they have borrowed from all available sources and now left with daily insults from their families, lenders and friends .

Those who are fortunate with rich family background and political links left the NABCO to secure for themselves jobs and personal businesses, but the rest are in dire need of their allowances to settle debtors .

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*I am appealing to the government and the afforementioned institutions to help work on them before the rate of suicides ,homicides and many social vices take over our country.*

No man can work productively with unstable state of mind , fear, panic and anxiety. Please, have mercy on them and pay them so they can as well have some lucid intervals before they suffer another months of that again. NABCO TRAINEES are dying slowly psychologically and physically, and government should not take it lightly.

MENTAL HEALTH, TOTAL HEALTH.Long live GHANA. Bismark Kwabla Kpobi

Senior Registered MENTAL Nurse.Mental Health Advocate.Concerned Citizen. bismarkkwablakpobi@gmail.com02090015240540824809

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