The 20 Bundles of Roofing Sheets Sent to Bonakye on Wednesday 1ST SEPT Not A Gift From OTI Regional Minister But NADMO Donations

The 20 Bundles of Roofing Sheets Sent to Bonakye on Wednesday 1ST SEPT Not A Gift From OTI Regional Minister But NADMO Donations


The Oti regional minister on last week Wednesday, September 1st, sent twenty(20) bundles of roofing sheets donated by NADMO for the entire region to support the good people of Oti region for a natural disaster(windbreak) that occurred across the region last year and government due to insensitivity and lack of resources could not support the affected victims which has rendered so many people houseless.

The twenty(20) bundles of the roofing sheets as a national cake from the taxpayer’s money are supposed to be fairly distributed across the entire region to support all the victims affected by the incident resulting in the demolition of their houses.

It is quite sad the regional minister of Oti region sent all these items to only one particular town and its environs within one particular constituency which is Nkwanta south constituency where he hails from.

The strange and shocking aspect of this unfair distribution of the national cake is that the regional minister is misleading his selected beneficiaries that, the donation is his personal gift for them, and not government initiative nor anyone.

The rationale behind the regional minister’s misleading the people of the region especially the people of bonakye about items procured and provided by the government with their own taxes remains unknown to everyone apart from him.

One will ask why should an unforeseen event like this happened across the region, affecting victims in places like Chinderi, Krachi, Dambai where he resides, Nkonya, Kadjebi, Jasikan, Likpe, and the environs of all these mentioned communities in the region which is not exhaustive, but the regional minister chose to prioritize one community to all the above-mentioned communities, and this is extremely strange in our political landscape, the Hon Minister needs to answer questions by telling the other communities why he chose to ignore them in this difficult times.

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The selectiveness and cheap political prioritization of the Npp in governance is really affecting the fair spread of developmental facilities and opportunities to the benefit of all citizens, and the Oti regional minister seems already disappointing the entire people of the region just like his boss the president has disappointed everyone living in Ghana today.

The minister needs to know that, he is ministering over 8 constituencies for now until SALL is added to be 9 and for that matter, he ought to be fair and candid in his dealings, we in the NDC in Oti as his watchdogs with devoid of personal attack and of no malicious intention against him, will always ensure he is put on his toes to do the right thing, Oti region is already failing and we can’t allow that failure to continue.


Also, an intelligence has it that, the Hon Minister is already bidding for the Nkwanta South constituency MPship seat and that is why he is sacrificing the opportunities and national cake of other people and their communities in the region to only his potential voters and I think this is a premature political somnambulism and ejaculation and Mr. Minister need to relax and focus on his mandate for now, because the incumbent hardworking and very selfless MP. Hon Geoffrey Kini is already putting smiles and joy on the faces of the people, When the said event happened, the MP donated to the people more than twenty bundles of roofing sheets, hence twenty bundles of roofing sheets is a peanut to dream of using to induce or buy votes.


It is must be emphasised that, I have no malice motive or intentions against bonakye people benefiting from the minister, but my concern is about how the minister misled them about the ownership of the roofing sheets, claiming it to be his personal gift just for personal political credit, and also how it was unfairly distributed to benefit all in the region equally, the people bonakye will forever remain grateful and committed to the NDC and Hon Geoffrey Kini for our perpetual show of love, care and concern, the NDC will always ensure the people of bonakye are provided with the necessary social and economic developmental facilities and opportunities needed to live well.

As a citizen of the region, I’m ready to commend the Hon Minister if he does well and will not also hesitate to critique him like I’m doing when the need arises.

Hon Makubu’s appointment as the regional minister came has a joy to all of us in the region, believing he will solve or reduce our standing problems and ensure cohesion and fair governance in the region, but unfortunately, he seems disappointing us already, but he has more chance and space to seat up.



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