When looking at dating life, it’s all about doing things that get your significant other more attracted.

Besides the actions of doing a thing for our partners, men do other things secretly that women fall for most.
Here are some of those things men do that women find attractive;

  1. Talk with a sleepy voice
    When a man wakes up in the morning, they usually have a deep voice that can easily break a wall. That deep sleepy voice drives a good number of women crazy. This is so because on a normal occasion, women like men with a deep voice.
  2. Take risks
    As much as women are fond of preventing one from doing things that put their lives in danger, they also find it attractive in away. Men who love taking risks in most cases drive women crazy.
  3. Cook
    As it is very clear that not a good number of men can cook, being one in a million men that can cook can win you a woman. Women love men that can cook for them a sweet meal. It is not that women are now avoiding their duty of cooking for their men, but it is just romantic seeing a man cooking for his woman occasionally.

Story by: Mavis Davor

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