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The Bono East Regional secretary of the NDC, ALI MOHAMMED SHAMSUDEEN has blasted government for causing financial loss to the state after organizing a touted accounting to the people’s Town Hall meeting under the auspices of the ministry of information which he saw as a kyinkyinga party since officials who came to address issues of concern failed but only drunk, win and dance to the detriment of the taxpayers money.

  Speaking to DFM Politica morning show host Agyaba, he added that all 11  MMDCE’S came to displayed what they have done in their respective areas which was full of deceit because almost every project they said to have done was started and some even completed by the NDC government under former President Mahama, Ali Mohammed said government should apologize to Ghanaians for wasting their precious time yesterday by deceiving them with tackling issues of concern to all Ghanaian.

 To this end, SHAMSUDEEN has charged all Ghanaians to vote against Nana Addo and bring back the tried and tested Former president John Mahama.

Story by: Emmanuel  koranteng

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