BEAFAD FOUNDATION, an N.G O in Accra founded by Miss Benedicta Afua Adegloh yesterday(06/11/19) registered and renewed all students of Yonguase M.A school in lower manya krobo of the Eastern Region onto the national health insurance scheme and Promised to do this for the next five years not only for Yonguase but for the other schools.

In an interview with the Personal assistant Of BEAFAD FOUNDATION, Mr Stephen Antwi, he disclosed that ,Miss Benedicta felt it at heart choosing Yonguase M.A school because, the Community is founded in a deprived area and very far from the Municipal capital krobo Odumase and this makes it difficult for students and parents to come  to krobo Odumase for registration due to the deplorable  Nature of their Roads.

 Miss Benedicta added, oral mouth wash will be introduced to the schools in lower manya very soon as another project from BEAFAD FOUNDATION.

According to Mr Godfred Ofeo Caeser, Municipal SHEP Cordinator, looking at YONGUASE M.A SCHOOL, the school is not on the  government school feeding Program so he decided with BEAFAD FOUNDATION  to send this Project to the school.

She was accompanied by the Municipal  Cordinator, Mr Godfred Caesar, P.R.O for G.E.S Lower manya krobo, Mrs Sophia and some staffs  of the lower manya health insurance Scheme.


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