One major challenge facing Ghanaians youth is unemployment after completion of tertiary education, the only option is to Join the unemployment graduates association since their desire is to get a white color job.

For that reason,  Madam Vivian Agbeko who is the CEO of the Pavico2020  Catering service and Sugarcraft Institute has challenged the youth to go into artisanship since they can create job opportunities for themselves and stop depending on office work or relying on the government for a job.

 The Chief Executive Officer further explained that her motive for establishing the institution is to empower their youth to get their own job and have a good standard of living.

She disclosed this to the media during the 1st graduation ceremony in the Greater Accra region adding that it’s unfortunate for a  country like Ghana having unemployment graduates association.

Madam Vivian Agbeko was quick to reteraite that, people who go into Artisanry jobs are very brilliant and intelligent but not shallow-minded.

Story by Emmanuel koranteng.

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