8 Female Body Signs that indicate She likes You

If a female is attracted to you then she will often be extremely subtle. However, some women can be more flirtatious than others and these types of women may intentionally try to convey more signs that she is interested in compared to others. Listed below are 12 clear signs that a girl is interested in you. Some women might show more signs than others, but the more signs you see the more likely it is that she wants you to ask her out!

1. Getting close and personal – Women don’t want to get close and personal with people they don’t like. If it seems that she wants to get into your personal space then it’s a clear sign that she likes you. Take note of whether she makes an effort to sit or stand by you and if she finds little excuses to engage you in conversation so she can get close. If you notice that, it’s a very positive sign.

2. Makes eye contact – If she makes constant eye contact with you then it’s a clear sign she is interested. Also, take note of whether she hides or flaunts the fact that she’s watching you. If she is willing to let you know she’s watching you, then you’ve just hit a home run.

3. Smiles more – Smiling is one of the top indicators you can use when trying to determine if a particular girl likes you or not. If she smiles then it means that she enjoys your company and doesn’t mind having you around. Be sure and take note of how she reacts to others. If she smiles just as widely and often, then you may want to look for other clues of interest instead. However, if she’s giving you more smiles then everyone else, you have it in the bag.

4. Focuses on you – It’s only polite that was focus on the other person when having a conversation and although this is mostly true, not many people really do pay attention. You’ve probably dealt with rude conversationalists at least once in your life and they can usually be spotted around the room checking their cell phones, watches and even looking straight down at the floor during a chat. You might even notice this from a female if she has no interest in you. However, if she’s fixated on what you’re saying then you can be sure she’s interested.

5. Arms by her side – As long as the girl you’re talking to has her arms by her side, you have a way in. This sign indicates openness and willingness to participate at the moment. If she crosses her arms then it’s an indication that she is protecting herself and you likely have no chance.

6. Flips her hair – When a woman is playing with her hair it’s a sign of flirting that she most likely doesn’t even know she is doing. Look for signs that include running her fingers through her hair, twirling a lock around her finger, flipping her hair back..etc. She’s trying to show off her neck and before you blast it, remember that the neck is a very sensual and sensitive part of a woman’s body.

7. Dilated pupils – Just like a child’s eyes will widen when faced with a huge jar of candy, a woman’s eyes will do the same when faced with a towering piece of man-candy. Dilated pupils are something she will not be able to control. So, if you notice it then take it as a sign that she is unconsciously exhibiting interest and excitement in you.

8. Upturned palms – Look for her to have open upturned palms. This is another clear sign of openness and willingness to engage you further whereas clenched fists are an obvious sign to back off.

Now that you know eight extremely common body language signs that a woman will show when interested in you, you mustn’t take them the wrong way. Always pay attention to the girl you’re into and see how she reacts with others. If she treats you like any other friend then you should be looking for her to send you additional signals for confirmation. The more signs you can see a girl giving you, the more likely it is that she’s open to the idea of getting to know you better!

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