Tuesday , April 13 2021

A McDonald’s Worker In America Makes More Money Than Most Celebrities In Ghana – Efia Odo Throws Shade

Socialite Efia Odo is saying most celebrities in Ghana are very poor but hide behind social media glam and glitz to reveal fake lifestyle that is nonexistent and tallies not with their financial standings.

According to her, a worker at McDonald’s in the states makes more money than most of the so-called celebrities based here in Ghana.

Efia Odo shared these thoughts on her Twitter timeline where she called for a strong paradigm shift in all sectors of leadership to help the young secure a future that is devoid of a cosmetic show of grandiose and pomp.

“Somebody working in McDonalds in America makes more money than most of us celebs in Ghana. Ghana fame brings no money! All this fame and Artists are struggling. The people in position all need to be fired and new age minded people need to be hired. We need a reset button!”

Despite the affirmative responses her post has received so far, others believe Efia Odo sees herself a celebrity thus a pot cannot call a kettle black since she may be setting herself up for ridicule.

A comment from one commenter asked Efia Odo to go by her words by quitting her celebrity life and go work at McDonald’s.

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