DSP Lydia Acheampong

The Ashanti Regional MTTD Deputy Commander, DSP Lydia Acheampong Ntow, revealed this to the general public that,  one thousand six hundred and fifty-four (1,654) accident case recorded in the middle of this year 2019 which case eighty-nine(89) people’s into dead.

DSP Lydia Acheampong breakdown the huge recorded number of accident in two categories, one thousand six hundred and fifty-four (1,654) recorded at the middle of this year, eighty-nine(89) record dead in commercial vehicles and one thousand two hundred and sixty-six(1,266) involve in a serious injury.

DSP Lydia made mention that, road accident is more dangerous than Ebola, so she is urging all drivers to stop that overtaking, over-speed and many others because they are the cause of all this.

DSP Lydia Acheampong revealed this to the entire nation during the 2019 Awards lunch for Ghana Drivers and Road Safety.

Meanwhile the Ashanti Regional Director of Road Safety, Madam Simbiat Weridu also explains that nowadays drivers need to be honored and also adviced the entire nation on-road activities.

Story by Emmanuel koranteng.

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