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Agyapa Royalties Deal: Biggest Corruption Scandal Since Independence – Amidu Fires

Former Special Prosecutor Martin A.B.K Amidu has described the Agyapa Royalties deal as the mother of all corruption since Ghana gained independence in 1957.

This is captured in his latest epistle in response to the presidency’s comment after accepting his (Amidu’s) resignation weeks back.

Mr Amidu resigned from his position as Ghana’s first Special Prosecutor on November 16, 2020.

In his resignation letter, he cited amongst other things political interference from the president as a reason for his decision. He accused the President of interfering in his work with regards to the Agyapa deal and wanted him to ‘shelve’ the report.

In accepting Mr. Amidu’s resignation, President Akufo-Addo denied ever interfering in his work and rather said he gave him all the assistance and independence to operate.

But in a 27-page response to the Presidency, the citizen vigilante said; “I have underscored the deliberate distortions and manipulations of facts contained in the opening paragraphs of your letter written to me on the directives and instructions of the President to demonstrate that your letter to me from its inception was intended to be the personification of falsehoods to the good people of Ghana and to divert public attention from a very important and serious anti-corruption assessment in respect of the Agyapa Royalties Limited Transaction documents report which I conducted professionally as the first Special Prosecutor of Ghana.”

“The Agyapa Royalties Limited Transaction contains the mother of all suspended corruption and corruption-related offences to be discovered in the first analysis of the risk of the prevention of corruption and anti-corruption assessment since Ghana attained its independence in 1957,” Amidu stated.

To him, the President Akufo-Addo can best pass for the kingpin of corruption, and indicted the latter for taking the presidential “oath while looking like the innocent flower of anti-corruption but being the mother serpent of corruption under it.”

“I resigned my position as the Special Prosecutor because of the traumatic experience I suffered from the reaction of the President who breached his Presidential oath by unlawfully obstructing me from taking any further steps on the Agyapa Royalties Transactions from 20th October 2020 to 1 November 2020.”

“When I met the President on 23rd October 2020, I received the shock of my life when he demanded that I took no further action on the Agyapa royalties transaction anti-corruption assessment report for another week. That was when it was divinely revealed to me that the President whom I trusted so much for integrity only looked like the innocent flower of anti-corruption but he was really the mother corruption serpent under the innocent-looking flower,” he added.


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