Akyem Bontodiase in the eastern region at akyemansa district, the youth are doing demonstration against the chief and their elders. According to youth leader Kwasi Gyimah said, Nana Adarkwah  Gyamenah II  and Kontehene has made a law that, if somebody dies in the town only the family members should site beside the funeral or the dead body because there was no wake-keeping.

Because of that the youth leader Kwasi Gyimmah gather all the youth and move to the chief house for demonstration, but unfortunately chief calls Akyem Ofoase police commander to come and arrest them.

The time he reaches there Kwasi Gyimah explain everything to him to understand the reason why they are doing that, and they are not come to beat chief but raider they want him and the elders to understand them, all because of the law they want to bring it they are not agree with them, but kontehene send the case to court.


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