EPA to Deal with Producers Over Illegal Operations

EPA to Deal with Producers of Pesticides and Herbicides Over Illegal Operations

The environmental protection agencies have cautioned retailers and producers of pesticides and herbicides operating without a license to ensure regulation of their activities through the agencies or be dealt with by the law.

EPA to Deal with Producers Over Illegal Operations

Mr. Justin Babasuru, an officer of the Upper West regional agency says herbicides and pesticides are dangerous chemicals which post threat to the health of individuals and the environment which makes it very important for operators of these chemicals to get the required authorization before operating.

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EPA to Deal with Producers Over Illegal Operations

He says compliance enforcement team will soon be moving to various stores to instruct all activities to bring out all operating without the necessary permit and anyone at fault will be dealt with according to law
Mr Babasuru says they are operating with the 1992 constitution (acts 490),1996 and article 528 which mandates EPA to regulates the activities of pesticide dealers. Whether they are selling importing, manufacturing, permit is very important. If dealers do not follow this instruction, they will lose their products and as well face the laws of the country.

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