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Ghanaian Lesbob BEGS Her Partner Not To Leave Her, Holds Her Feet And Cries Bitterly Saying She Can Give Her The Whole World PLUS More

A Ghanaian lesbian has given netizens plenty to talk about early this morning after she went down on her knees crying bitterly and asking her partner not to leave her.

In a setting captured in the bedroom of the two lesbians whose identities we don’t have as of press time, the ‘male’ of the two ladies is seen in the video begging the other one not to leave her because she can afford to give her the whole world.

She further reminded her of the recent car she bought for her which is a testament that she can do anything for her hence doesn’t understand why she’s quitting their relationship of 5-years.

Apparently, the other lady said she was tired of doing p*ssy and want to get married to a man and turn her life around because she was tired of the affair which strictly is forbidden n the Ghanaian traditional setup.

The other one however one will have none of that as she burst into tears amidst saying, ‘I love you’ repeatedly. Watch the video below;



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