God Is Not Responsible For Coronavirus Outbreak

God Is Not Responsible For Coronavirus Outbreak- Mensah Otabil

Mensah Otabil The leader and founder of International Central Gospel Church ICGC, Pastor Mensa Otabil has stated that the outbreak of coronavirus should be attributed to the wrath of God.

Pastor Mensah Otabil made this statement during a Facebook live session.

His statement follows a perception that God is judging people for the sins they have committed through the pandemic.

Mensah Otabil
Mensah Otabil

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He said: “I don’t really think that this is a judgment from God, I don’t see any reason scripturally to arrive at that conclusion; I think our view of God, sometimes, makes us see Him as a very vengeful person who is out there with a big stick trying to knock out everybody who doesn’t like Him and everybody who dishonors Him.

“But my understanding of Him is: He is love and compassion. Of course, He also has a judgment part which is reserved for another period in human history but in these times, I think God is dealing with us in mercy and in kindness and in grace and I think God’s desire is that people be well, that people will be healed, that people feel better and that will be the way that I see God and, so, I don’t think this is a divine judgment neither do I think it’s a demonic attack.”

Mensah Otabil
Mensah Otabil

Pastor Otabil added: “I think it’s just human, one of these things that happens to us as human beings, there is the forces of nature coming against us either because we have interfered in the natural process or we have done something that has disorganised the ecology of the world we live in and, so, these are things that can hit us if we don’t organise our lives well in this human space. I think it’s a human action that brought it into being and it’s also going to take human actions to take it away.”

Meanwhile, Ghana has recorded 141 of Covid-19 with 5 confirmed deaths

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