know those couples you see that appear to have it all together. Everything looks right, they’re happy, they’re close and they act like they’re best friends as well as life-partners. You might secretly wish that you could be like them.

Guess what? You can! There’s no great mystery to being in a close, emotionally connected relationship with your partner. In fact, it’s quite simple and basic, at least in theory.

Want to be in a relationship like this? Try working on developing these habits of successful couples. Here are the top 8 habits of successful couples.

Listen to one another

One of the most essential habits of successful couples is that they don’t over talk, they don’t interject, and they don’t interrupt.

They give their full attention to their partner and do their utmost to understand what their partner is thinking and feeling and what they are trying to convey. They listen with the intention to understand, not to reply.

Encourage one another

Other important daily habits of successful & happy couples are that they spend time being supportive, encouraging and lifting each other up rather than tearing each other down.

They support their partner in making their dreams come true, including career goals, artistic and creative endeavors no matter the situation.

They are proud of each other’s accomplishments

They act so proudly of their partner you’d almost think they both achieved the goal instead of their partner.

Such daily habits of couples in healthy relationships help them use every opportunity to publicly brag on their partner and extoll their virtues and talents wherever they can.

Story by: Mavis Davor

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