Nobody is perfect and everyone is expected to make mistakes at a certain point in life.

When it comes to relationships, most women tend to make mistakes without even realizing it.

However, when one recognizes her mistakes, it doesn’t matter how long it took her to recognize the mistake, but what matters is what she does in order to be better.

For most women, these are some of the biggest mistakes they make in relationships.

1. They do not ask for what they really want

When it comes to what women really want, most of them shy away from asking for the same.

They instead tend to accept what is available to them and try to use that as the best cover of hiding what they really want.

When a woman doesn’t really open up about what she really wants, this will most likely hurt the relationship.

This is so because she risks becoming bitter day by day, as she will start having the thought of her being a failure in life.

2. Gossiping about their partner

This is another mistake that most women engage themselves in.

Gossiping about your partner is always a wrong move as women end up exposing things about their partner that wasn’t supposed to be shared with a third party.

As a result, when the truth gets to her partner, the relationship is likely to break since the partner will feel betrayed.

3. Failing to see their partner for who they are

Another mistake made by most women is the failure to see their partner for who they are.

As a result, most women tend to demand too much from their partner, making their partner feel demoralized.

In the end, the relationship is likely to take the wrong path as the one partner will be struggling so hard to provide things that he is not capable of providing.

Story by: Mavis Davor

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