Most of the government appointees haven’t lived to their expectations in their areas of appointments, they have equally developed some egos and making it difficult for people to approach them.

The ministers, chief executives, mmdces and the various coordinators for the government institutions and agencies have lost touch with reality and in  dealing with others, most of this appointees use their positions to pay back people and suffocate them of vital information or revellings for which  they should benefit and the worse is the mmdces who are doing absolutely performing abysmal prior to the government plans and policies

Mr. Alfred Ahiatsi who is the national convener of loyal citizens was causing government to have a ground listening ear and shouldn’t hesitate to fire nonperforming appointees.

Mr. Alfred concluded that most of these appointees have their own agenda and that people should on the 12 of December come out massively and vote for the referendum to have mmdces elected to make them more responsible.

Story by Emmanuel koranteng. |DFM|DIKODER.COM|

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