Monday , September 21 2020

“My love for Barcelona will not change “- Lionel Messi Reveals

Lionel Messi and Barcelona are in one of their most difficult times in recent year. They have been several rumours lately, explaining how the Argetine Forward wanted to leave the Club this summer after a disastrous season. Barcelona lost the Laliga to Real Madrid, and also lost the Copa del rey, and where struggling through out the season. As if all these where not enough, the pain of the whole season was now Compounded with a Horrible Uefa Champion result against Bayern Munich. As the german giant massacre Barcelona 8_2 to ease to the next round of the competition.

After all this Barcelona have been in dissaray. The Club have sacked their Coach as well as their techinical director, depicting how much they need new folks, just as if this is not enough Midfield maestro Ivan Rakitic have also left the Club for their rivals Sevilla.

The biggest of all, seems to be when rumours came out that the Club captain and Legend, Lionel Messi wanted to leave the Club. Tho Messi wasn’t trully happy with the struggling times Barcelona are facing and also trully wanted to leave, but the way the Media, players, rivals, fans e.t.c are painting the issue is what is crazy.

Lionel Messi looks to be gutted and piessed off with the Media approach towards his statement of wanting to leave. This same little period, many players have come out to talk positive about Messi while many fans and players also have also said opposite, making Lionel Know who is who, and who have been faking it all this While.

According to Messi “This world of football is very difficult and there are many fake people. This happening has helped me to recognise many fake people. It hurt me when my love for this club was questioned. My love for Barca will never change.”

This words depicts how Messi is dejected with wordings from Fans and players, media, pundits e.t.c questioning his love for the club, and how he has also pictured how fake some folks in the game has been. This happened to be one of Messi most honest interview, as he poured out his heart and mind fully well. Messi does not look Happy, but still love Barcelona as ever.

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