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Mzbel Drags Afia Schwarzenegger to Traditional Court.

Mzbel who probably doesn’t believe in the judicial system of Ghana because of its tortoise nature has dragged Afia Schwarzenegger to the traditional court in James Town over their recent beef.

According to Mzbel, whatever Afia Schwar said in their recent fight are false and baseless and in order to prove her innocence once and for all, she has summoned her to the traditional court in JamesTown.

Mzbel explained that in the traditional court, Afia Schwar cannot lie and she will be told the consequences of lying before the hearing of the case.

If Afia Schwar doesn’t honour the invitation of the traditional court in James Town, the police will come in and arrest her to disrespecting the chiefs and the court according to Mzbel.

Come what may, Afia Schwar would have to prove in the traditional court that indeed, Mzbel slept with her boyfriend she claimed on Neat FM a few days ago.

But we know how this whole traditional court summons will turn out, Afia Schwar is likely not to step a foot in that court.

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