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Pass The Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill Without Delay

God bless the Hon Speaker Bagbin for such welcoming address. May you live long to be blessings to GHANA and Africa. We are solidly behind you and the MPs who are boldly in sponsoring and supporting the Anti-LGBTQ+++ Bill 21.

We are proud of you and we won’t stop praying for you by giving our support to the Anti-LGBTQ+++ Bill.Your decisiveness , firm leadership and solid position on the LGBTQ+++ activities is something all future leaders must aspire to acquire in Ghana and Africa, you are an inspiration.

Let there be no room for delaying the Bill passage at all, and never condone any sabotages, be it from any kind of person anywhere. Expose any such moves by any greedy and anti country person.Our societal norms and the sovereign sanctity of Ghana must be protected forever.

God bless you all Bismark Kwabla Kpobi

Advocate Against LGBTQ+++

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