Mr.Atta Antwi a Poultry Farmer who has been in the farming sector for over 9 years in the Adwmumam in the Adunku electoral area, Bosomtwi District in the Ashanti Region, have loose over five thousand ( 5,000 ) birds to flood.

This shocking story took place after a heavy downpour of rain during the week and has effected many livelihoods especially the workers who depend there for leaving.

Speaking with Mr.Atta  on DFM morning show  this morning  he said, to have 7  rooms which the Birds are kept and in each room contains 500  birds and  have over 9 regular and on regular workers and since the Birds are loose left with nothing to talk of he is afraid the workers must also lose their job,

Hence calling for assistance from the Nadmo, stakeholders and the President Akuffo Addo Dankwah led Administration, for I have also created employment as the Akuffo Addo Government is championing, so they must help me  He emphasized

Story by Emmanuel koranteng.

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