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Things Men Do Only With The Woman They Truly Love

If he is really in love with you, he will do this. There is a very clear difference between the way men and women show love. While women tend to be more demonstrative, more caring, loving, and thoughtful. Men on the other hand tends to be more practical because it cost them much to show their feelings.

However, when men are in love, they will not have the problem of showing it. Here are 8 things men do with the woman they really love.

  1. Listens to you.

Men do not usually concentrate on things unless they really value it. If he truly loves you, he will always concentrate and pay attention to all you talk to him about.

  1. Argues with you.

Occasionally, discussion is a good sign that he wants to do things with you. It all means that he wants to know you more. If he does not love you he will not waste his energy to argue with you.

  1. Fights for you love.

If he really loves you, he will move heaven, sea, mountain, and land to always be with you. He was overcome any obstacle that come in his way if being with you and will make every effort not to lose you.


  1. Sacrifice his happiness for yours.

When he takes into account your needs at the expense of his, there is no doubt he really loves you. This way does not only show that he loves you but also respects you and making small sacrifices for you does not bother him at all.

  1. Takes your achievements as his own.

When a man truly loves you, he takes your achievements as his own. A man who truly loves you will never compete with you or feel intimidated by your achievements in life. Rather, he will encourage you to achieve all your goals and dreams.

  1. He is afraid of losing you.

If something is true, a man who truly loves you will always show that he fears to lose you.

  1. He sees you beautiful.

No matter how you look when you wake up, even if you have pimples, if you forgot to brush your teeth and fix your hair, the man who truly loves you will always see you beautiful without noticing these details. And even if he does, they won’t be motive to stop seeing you beautiful.

Story by Mavis Davor || DFM ||

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