Drinking bars situated near or inside lorry station will soon be closed down to deny drivers access to alcohol before they embark on their trips.

696 people have died in the first quarter of 2019 through road accidents, the national road safety commission seeks to prevent drink –driving among drivers with the aim of reducing road carnage to its best minimum.

 The workshop was part of a special partnership program between the commission and the national youth authority [NYA] to educate the youth and the community members on road safety. expressing worry together with the stakeholders, would be intensifying inspection at the lorry station to ensure that drivers abide by basic traffic regulation to enforce pre-departure, checks in most lorry terminals with the basic things like the wiper, tyres, driver behavior, and the dress code are all check before they set off on their journey.

If you don’t qualify or if you don’t pass through the process, we will advise you to offload the passengers.


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